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Sunday, April 27, 2008

images via this auction

"This system offers a complete 3-oscillator analog machine along with a state-variable filter, 2 envelope generators, amplifier, noise generator, Four Input Mixer, Signal Processor and more....

Also, an important and often overlooked feature of the three Voltage Controlled Oscillators in this particular system is that all three have the optional Q106CRS Calibrated Range Switch feature installed which insures that the Range switch on every oscillator precisely changes octaves exactly like a Moog Modular Synthesizer or a Minimoog synthesizer. If you don't have this option on your oscillators every time you change the range (octave) switch on the oscillators you have to retune the main frequency (pitch) of the oscillator which is a real pain if you want to use the synth in live performance as well as making things much faster in the studio. This is an additional $25 per oscillator option from the factory that is already included for you."

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