Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kurzweil K250 Keyboard

images via this auction

"This famous keyboard was designed originally for Stevie Wonder and was adopted by many of the top keyboardist / composers of the 1980s as state of the art.

At a cost exceeding £12000 (twelve thousand pounds GBP) you had to be a professional to be able to afford one!

Offers a fully weighted keyboard with incredibly authentic samples sounds, a sample facility, sound layering, multi timbral sequencing and more.

Still sought after today as a useable classic that has qualities not repeated in other keyboards.

The keyboard is huge, and comes with it's own easy to collapse stand and power supply module which doubles as a casing for the piano style foot pedals.

This keyboard came to me approximately 15 years ago from music producer and composer Paul Brooks (K-tel, Boy George, War Of The Worlds, David Alexander etc)."

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