Sunday, April 27, 2008

KORG Poly-61

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"The Korgpoly 61 released in 1982 was Korg's follow up to the legendary Polysix and has 2 digitally clocked analogue oscillators (DCO's) to each of its six voices as apposed to the polysix's single Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) per voice. the second DCO can be de-tuned to the first meaning you can get some nice fat sounds from this synth. It is how ever not as hands on as the polysix which was a very knobby beast. The poly 61 replaces almost all the parameter knobs with a push button selection interface which mean you edit one parameter at a time. but what it does have is the first Korg joy stick which controls pitch and filter modulation on a X Y axis so moving this around can create some very exciting performances.

The sound of the ply 61 is anything from rich and lush right up to distorted and angry growling. it has lovely SSM chip envelope generators. Also with the chord memory function you can obviously play memorized chords with one finger but if you use the hold key and hit the same notes 6 times you have all six voices playing the same note. That's 12 DCO's in unison with selectable detuning on 6 of them. Now that's fat.

The poly 61 has no MIDI as it was released just at the time MIDI was first used, there was however a factory midi kit for the poly 61 released and I think you can get kits from Kenton for these also.

This Korg poly 61 has had all key contacts cleaned and rubber key contacts rejuvenated. the old battery has been replaced by a new CR2032 cell battery with a diode in place to protect the new battery from charge. The original battery was fine and had not leaked but was changed all the same as being some 25 years old it was long past its use by date.

The to and from tape functions work as does the release, arp trigger, program up, Phones and audio out jack sockets on the rear."

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