Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doepfer A100 Modular with Analogue Solutions

via this auction
"Analogue Solutions
CV8 8 step CV and Gate sequencer
BD99 909 style kick drum
SD88 808 style snare drum
VU01 VU meter +/- 5 volts
MX61 mixer
MX224 buffer inverter mixer
RP08 8 channel bus to rear panel 1/4" (not installed in synth yet, easy job)

A111 high-end VCO w. Curtis CEM3340, very pure waveforms
A110 (x2) regular VCO
A139 headphone amplifier
A117 digital noise/808 multi-sine oscillator (eg for cymbals)
A174 CV joystick
A148 dual sample & hold
A150 dual voltage-controlled switch
A151 sequential switch
A160 clock divider
A161 clock sequencer
A162 dual trigger delay
A145 (x2) LFO
A120 VCF1 24dB low-pass Moog-style transistor ladder filter
A121 VCF2 12dB low/high/notch/band-pass filter (Curtis CEM 3320)
A140 (x2) ADSR
A131 (x2) VCA (exponential)
A132 dual VCA
A185 (x2) VC/Gate bus access
A181 1/8"-1/4" multiples
A180 (x3) 1/8" multiples
A115 audio divider
A114 dual ring modulator
A116 VC waveform processor
A125 VC phaser
A119 external input/envelope follower
A118 random voltage source & blue/red/white noise generator
A138 (x2) logarithmic mixers
A138 linear mixer
A170 dual slew limiter (cf. portamento) / AR envelope
A175 dual voltage inverter"

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