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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clavia Nord Micro Modular

via this auction
"Nord Micro Modular specifications
* Programmable modular synthesizer with polyphonic capacity
* 24-bit internal processing at 96 kHz sampling frequency
* Maximum 4 voices (practical limit) depending on patch complexity
* 3 user-assignable editing knobs and one user-assignable button
* 3 dedicated function buttons
* 2x7-segment LED display
* Holds 99 user patches (sounds) and operating system software in Flash memory. Software upgradable via the computer.

MIDI features
All parameters, except the master level, can transmit and receive MIDI Control Change messages. Notes can be received over the entire MIDI range. MIDI clock Synchronizing.

Nord Micro Modular hardware specifications
* Two analog audio inputs, line level. 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs, 48 kHz sampling frequency
* 2 assignable outputs, line-level. 18-bit linear DACs, 96 kHz sampling frequency
* Headphones output
* MIDI In and Out for "public MIDI"
* PC In and Out for communication with computer Editor

Dimensions: 210 (W), 120 (D), 40 (H) mm
8.2"(W) 4.5"(D) 1.5"(H)
Weight: 0.7 kg"

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