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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yamaha TX81Z

via this auction
"The Yamaha TX81Z was one of the most popular synth modules built in the late 80's due to the vast array of different sounds it can produce - it's a very flexible synth, adapt to many different music styles and genres. It is a typical late '80s Yamaha FM synthesizer, with powerful bass, cutting synths, and glassy electric pianos. One particular sound this module is famous for: "Lately Bass", which was used extensively during the mid 90s in a lot of rap, hip-hop and dance songs (i.e., on Madonna's "Vogue" ).

The TX81Z is a 4-Operator synth with quality and versatility you will enjoy. Worthy of notice is also the fact that you can control this module via breath controller (a few of the presets are already set up for this), adding even more expressivity to the sound.

There are many software editors available for the TX and DX series synths as are thousands of free patches."

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