Thursday, March 06, 2008

Roland Super JV-1080

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"The 16-part multitimbral monster combines an immense amount of waveforms and sound structures with extremely versatile on-board effects, and also boasts an incredible 64-voice polyphony. There's no argument here, the JV-1080's 32-bit RISC chip CPU provides unparalleled speed, accuracy and natural performance response. Throw in eight megabytes of 16-bit waveform data and you've got it all, right? Well, yes and no. Because it's a JV-Series synth it's also expandable!

This synth is ready to grow - and grow in a big way. In addition to the onboard memory you can add one of the SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards, each of which holds an additional eight megabytes of waveforms. If for some reason that is not enough, you can add another wave expansion board, and another, and another. In fact you can add up to FOUR SR-JV80 Series wave expansion baords simultaneously. This gives you instant access to literally hundreds of patches from various musical genres.

Another two megabytes of waveform data can be added through the SO-PCM1 Card Series wave cards. Fully expanded, the JV-1080 delivers a whopping 42 megabytes of JV power.

The extensive variety of built-in effects let you manipulate the sounds even further. In addition to the renowned Roland reverb and chours, there are also 40 insert effects, including rotary, auto, wah, time-controlled delay and two-voice pitch shifter. The acclaimed distortion and phase-shifting effects from the JD-990 are also included. And since all of the effects are accessible as inserts, you can pick and choose which Parts will ne effected.

The JV-1080's beefed-up Tone structure features ten Tones, as opposed to the six tones perviously available in the JD-990. There are two wave generators, two time variant filters. Roland also added a ring modulator and a new booster function. With the booster you can increase the original waveform's amplitude, well into clipping range, to produce distotion effects. This and other features make the creation of new and complex waveforms simple and efficient. These new functions also provide for efects similar to pulse width modulation.

In addition to stereo mix outputs, there are also two pairs of stereo outputs which bypass the effects. As such, these outputs are great for external effects processing for drum or bass parts. The user interfact is easier than ever with a 40-character, two-line LCD display and ergonomically placed buttons for easy access to any needed parameter.

Take 64-voice polyhony, 16 part multitimbral capability and incredible expandability, add in a user-friendly interface and the fantastic Roland sounds and there you have it!

The JV-1080 Super JV Synthesizer Module is clearly the new reference standard in 64-voice sound modules.

* 64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral
* Four Expansion board slots allowing for simultaneous use of four different SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards
* General MIDI playback mode utilizing the astounding JV-1080's sounds
* Built-in reverb, chorus and 40 different "insert" effects such as rotary, phaser, pitch shift, tempo delay and ring modulation

JV-1080 Specifications:
Synthesizer Section
Maximum Polyphony : 64 voices
Number of Multitimbral Parts : 16
Memory Capacity Perform. : Internal 64, User 32, Data Card 16
Memory Capacity Patches : Internal 640, User 128, Data Card 64
Memory Capacity Rhythm Sets : Internal 10, User 2, Data Card 1
System Common Effects : Chorus, Reverb (8 types)
EFX : 40
Display : 40 characters X 2 lines backlit LCD
Connectors : Mix Output (L(Mono)/R), Output 1 (L/R), Output 2 (L/R), Phones, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, PCM Card slot, Data Card slot, Expansion Slot (4)
Dimensions : 482(W) x 281(D) x 88(H) mm
(19" x 11-1/6" x 3-1/2")
Weight : 5kg (11 lbs 1 oz)"

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