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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Roland V-Synth

via this auction

"The Roland V-Synth opens up a world of new sounds full of life and motion. Imagine a synth that combines multiple oscillator technologies with realtime control of a waveform's pitch, time and formant. Now add user sampling to create entirely new waveforms, powerful COSM filtering, a killer arpeggiator and a host of realtime controllers including the revolutionary TimeTrip Pad. That's the Roland V-Synth: a distinctive new instrument set to inspire those passionate about sound.

* Flagship 61-note synthesizer with multiple oscillator technologies, user sampling and new COSM filtering for incredibly dynamic new sounds
* New variable oscillators based on analog modeling, user samples and over 300 PCM waveforms with up to 24-voice polyphony*
* Independently manipulate the pitch, time and formant of sampled waveforms using VariPhrase technology - a world's first in a synthesizer!
* Revolutionary TimeTrip Pad allows realtime manipulation of waveforms
* Intuitive touchscreen interface with over 20 knobs and sliders, plus Twin D Beams
* Powerful COSM processing including filter modeling, resonator and Side Band Filter - plus global reverb, chorus and multi-effects
* New programmable arpeggiator provides additional rhythmic and timbral controls
* USB port for .WAV/AIFF file import, .WAV export and simplified MIDI connections
* 2 stereo Line outputs, stereo Mic/Line input and S/PDIF digital I/O"

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