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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sherman FilterBank 2

images via this auction
"SHERMAN FILTERBANK 2: "Most Extreme On The Planet". This FILTERBANK comes in the Original Box with Everything that came with it including the Rack Ears & Protective Mounting Washers, Original 'Abuser's Manual' and 110v AC Adaptor. Briefly: the Sherman FilterBank is a Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer of Sorts... It Features 2 Powerfull Multi-Mode Filters -Low Pass / Band Pass / High Pass, Multi-Mode 'Band Correction' Adjustment Feature, Resonance to Self Oscillation ( Use As an OSC ) with a Unique & Musical Harmonic Intervalic Ratio Section and a HUGE Frequency Range. The Two Filters Can Be Driven Into Self Oscillation & Also Be Used As Discrete Oscillators Tapped Independently In Parallel Mode! Additional Features include Saturation Adjustable Tube Overdrive Behavior, A Highly Flexible ADSR with Positive Or Negative Influence Independent for Each Filter, External Envelope Follower, Parallel or Serial or Adjustable MIXES of the Two Filter Routings, FM Input ( Internal or External Audio, LFO or CV ), VCA with AR Generator and Overdrive, and AM / Ring Modulator ( also Internal or External Audio, LFO or CV ). There are Numerous Audio / CV Inputs & OutPuts including for the FM, AM, AR & ADSR for TOTAL Integration into Modular System such as Moog, Doepfer, Macbeth, Cwejman, SE, MOTM, etc... The Sherman FilterBank Can Be MIDI Controled For Sequencing of Parameters and will also Act as a MIDI to CV Converter & MIDI Signal Distributor: 1 MIDI IN, 1 MIDI Out & 3 MIDI Thru! Full Details available at online at WWW.SHERMAN.BE."

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