Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casio DP-1 Drum Pads

via this auction

"2 Casio DP-1 Drum Pads, with 2 drum pads on each piece for a total of 4 pads!!!

The pads were sold as excess inventory and have never been used!!!

These are a cool retro piece and if you are tech savvy, they can be fitted with a trigger to hook up to a midi I/O and control any drum machine or synth."

Roland Paraphonic RS-505

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Yamaha AN1x Virtual Analog Keyboard SN NY01076

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Novation Supernova Rackmount Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Novation Supernova rackmount 20 voice synthesizer, running the latest OS 4.1."

Moog Satellite Synthesizer

via this auction

"Monophonic synthesis, 2 octave band switch
12 sound presets
4 modulators (repeat, vibrato, frequency pattern variation and tremulant)
Tone and level adjust
5 frequency controls (contour, color, emphasis, rate and depth), along with slide and volume.

This is a Moog model 5330 from 1974."