Monday, June 25, 2012

Tiptop Audio Z3000 Mk2 Analogue Oscillator

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"Really very good analogue oscillator for a Eurorack modular synth. Excellent at FM, has a built in waveshaper and some brill standard waveforms. All the old classics, triangle, square, sawtooth, sine... Also has a very useful digital display so you can tune to precise frequencies or even musical notes. Very handy, and it's one of the best regarded oscillators in the world of modular synthesis at the moment.

Just to warn you in advance, that digital display has always been prone to changing all by itself, even with nothing patched in to it. This has no bearing on the sounds being produced but it's slightly alarming when you first see it. I think there were a few people who had similar issues who mentioned it on the Muffwiggler forum a while back, and they reached the same conclusion that I did - that it's a power issue. It may behave like this if it's in a case with a lot of power hungry modules in it, but as I said I never heard any wobbling in the sound and hopefully it won't happen to you. It's a little over a year old bought from new and aside from a little rack rash is good as new."

Roland PG-800

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"This is needed for quick and easy editing of the JX-8p, MKS-70 and JX-10 synthesizers. It offers complete control of all parameters in an easy to use traditional slider controller."


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"The XP2 is a virtual analog synth with lots of hands-on control. It's capable of dark/brooding pads, fat basses and screaming leads and a lot more. It's 5-part multi-timbral so quite complex sounds can be created. The assignable joystick is very useful for quickly exploring sound variations and its very easy to lose hours just noodling around with this synth. You can also put external sound sources through the filter/envelope sections of the XP2 using the external inputs."


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"The keyboard has 96 preset funky sounds from the 80's including a killer bass and some lovely strings.

The synth is fully programmable and can also be used as a performance KEYTAR using batteries. The battery compartement is unused and so has not had the usual battery leak damage.

The keyboard has had the internal battery replaced by the local music shop and is good to go."

Moog Minimoog D SN 103XX

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