Monday, April 16, 2012

Korg Polysix SN 465004

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Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer

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"It is in good physical condition overall with some slight chipping on the corners (pics show the corners). While the unit does output sound it may be in need of some repair. It has been brought to my attention that these tend to have a battery leakage problem and this unit does indeed have the original battery."

You can read about the battery issue and fix here.

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Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School Synthesizer

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Korg EXB-MOSS DSP Expansion Card

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"Korg EXB-MOSS DSP synthesizer expansion board for the Korg Triton and Karma series keyboards and rack mount workstations... This board adds the fantastic 13 oscillator, 6-voice MOSS physical modeling synth engine from the legendary Z1 and Trinity V3. It models organ, EP, brass, reed, plucked string, and bowed string models along with several synth models such as VPM. Absolutely amazing sound. I especially like the organ, sax and flute sounds -- ultra realistic without any samples whatsoever. 128 new programs and 64 combinations make use of the new capabilities."

Roland SPD-S SN BW59564

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Yamaha Motif 8

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Korg MS2000R Synthesizer SN 007309

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Roland V-Synth GT

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"The World’s Most Expressive Synthesizer

Experience a new level of creativity and expression with the V-Synth GT Version 2.0. Combining an unprecedented number of sound technologies under one hood—including Elastic Audio Synthesis, AP-SYNTHESIS, Vocal Designer, COSM-based analog modeling, and PCM wave sampling and playback—our flagship synthesizer gives you the tools to propel your music to a new dimension. The V-Synth GT Version 2.0 lets you easily create sounds that are an extension of your own artistic voice, from the breathtakingly realistic to the never-before heard. The only limit is your imagination.

Multiple forms of advanced synthesis under the control of a friendly, icon-driven interface
New Version 2.0 upgrade adds a new library of cutting-edge sounds, 27 new effects, a sample import feature, improved knob response, and more
AP (Articulative Phrase) SYNTHESIS technology models the performance behavior and nuance of acoustic musical instruments for naturally expressive sound
Includes Roland’s proprietary Elastic Audio Synthesis engine plus Vocal Designer, playable simultaneously
Sound Shaper II and Pro Edit mode enable easy and efficient user programming, with quick-access onboard help available when you need it
Color touch-screen display with wide viewing angle"

Korg Karma 61 SN 014360

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"Key Features:
KARMA Function - An algorithmic MIDI data generating technology that takes input notes & controller movements and generates complex musical phrases and effects.
HI (Hyper Integrated) Synthesis System - 62 Voice Polyphony.
48-kHz sampling frequency, 32-Mbyte PCM wave ROM with 425 multisamples and 413 drum samples.
640 User Program sounds and full General Midi level 2 with 256 Programs & 9 Drumkits. / 768 Combination sounds (All user programmable). + 64 User Drumkits
5 Stereo Insert Effects, 2 Stereo Master Effects & 1 Master EQ section.
102 different effect types available for Insert or Master Effects.
Built-in 16 Track Sequencer - Over 200,000 note capacity, 150 preset & 100 user patterns per song, 200 songs, 20 cues, 16 preset & 16 user song templates.
Reads and writes Standard MIDI File (Format 0 and 1). + Song Play - SMF (Standard MIDI File) data can be played back directly from a floppy disk.
RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) allows you to assign patterns to individual notes of the keyboard, and playback or record that pattern in realtime.
Karma Realtime control knobs 1-8, plus Joystick & latching controller switches.
4 Outputs with easy assignable routing. The sound from each oscillator, drum, timbre/track, or insertion effect can be routed freely to ant output.
Multimode Filter - 24 dB/oct Low Pass Resonance type or 12 dB/oct Low Pass & High Pass type filters can be used.
The synthesis section provides Alternate Modulation functionality, and the effect section provides Effect Dynamic Modulation functionality. This allows you to freely apply modulation to parameters that affect the pitch, filter, amp, EG, LFO, and effects etc.
User installable options such as PCM Expansion Boards and MOSS DSP Synthesizer Board.
Graphical User Interface and 61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity."

Roland RE 150 Space Echo SN 379857

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Kurzweil K225RMX Synthesizer rack module

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