Thursday, February 09, 2012


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MKS-70 WITH PG-800 Programmer SN 720546

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ARP AXXE MK II Synthesizer

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"Recently shopped and gone through completely by 'Swithched On' of Austin, TX."

Moog Prodigy 336A Vintage Synthesizer

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Korg S3 rhythm workstation

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"2 MIDI outputs

2 independant programable multi effects blocks

can sync to MIDI or SMPTE

L/R stereo plus 4 multi outputs

2 x ROM + 1 x RAM expansion slots

high quality velocty sensitive pads.

75 built in waveforms"


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ROLAND PROMARS rare Vintage Analogue Synthesizer

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ROLAND JD-800 SN Z078142

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KURZWEIL K2500 RS with Original Box & SCSI

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"This listing is for a Kurvweil K2500 RS. The Unit Ships with the original factory Manuals, Box, Power Cable and an External Hard Drive (Maxtor 524 MB) and External CD ROM with all SCUZI Cables required. This unit HAS the SAMPLING OPTION - Please do not confuse with ones that do not.

Based upon Kurzweils K2000 and utilizing their VAST technology, the K2500 combines several functions to become what Kurzweil calls a production station. The K2500R offers twice the polyphony and on-board system RAM. System software is easily upgradable via Flash ROM, that allows the user to update their system via SCSI or floppy drive. A full function 32 track sequencer is built into the K2500R. There are 16 16 song tracks and 16 arrangement tracks, 768 ppq, linear / pattern / and step record modes, full editing, and more.

Features include
200 programs & 100 setups
sample file playback (with added ram) with the ability to read Akai, Roland, and Ensoniq sound files
16 bit stereo sampling option available allows complete sampling functions including Sample while playing
digital effects processing
8 meg of ROM wave data expandable to 28 meg
48 note polyphony
2 meg RAM expandable to 128 meg
64x240 fluorescent backlit LCD screen, and more."