Monday, January 16, 2012

Arturia Origin Synthesizer

via this auction "Arturia has been a front runner in the virtual synth arena for a few years now, creating spot-on software replications of classic analog synths. Arturia's Originis the first Arturia hardware synthesizer. It's a modular system that opens new creative avenues in sound design. Loaded with modules extracted from some of the best synthesizers of all time (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, Minimoog and Prophet VS), Origin lets you combine combine different models from different systems together, designing new synthesizers that never previously existed. Take the oscillators from the Minimoog, the filters from the CS-80, and the Bode shifter from the Moog Modular V to create your own synth. Arturia Origin Features: More than 500 presets Up to 32 voices of polyphony Create your own patch or use an existing audio structure I/O: 2 analog audio ins, 10 analog outs. Digital: SPDIF out 16/32 step sequencer MIDI In, Out, Thru USB 2.0"


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Roland Juno 60 vintage analog synthesizer

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Vermona DRM1mkIII Analog Drum Synth

via this auction "he DRM1 MKIII is an eight-channel, completely analog drum synthesizer. It gives you total control over every parameter through its 72 controls. The new version has following changes: - KICK channel instead of the DRUM1 channel. The Kick channel has some different parameters and can create fatter and deeper kick sounds. - The DRUM channels have a WAVE parameter which transforms the oscillator's waveform from sine to square - The oscillators of the DRUM channels will be started with each trig signal. The DRM1 Mk III is a flexible 8-channel drum synthesizer, which gives you the ability to create your own sounds, as well as many other classic analog drum sounds. Every sound parameter of the DRM1 Mk III has its own controller, so its easy to use and you'll always have a clear picture of the settings. Features Control Features and Connections: · MASTER: Sets the main output level of the DRM1 Mk III · TRIG: Button for triggering the sound. · TRIG LED: Flashes when the sound is triggered · SOUND: Programming parameter controls · PAN: Places the sound in the stereo field · VOLUME: Individual volume control for each channel · OUT: Individual output/insert jack · PHONES: Jack for connecting a headphone · OUT RIGHT/OUT LEFT: Master output right and left · MIDI THRU/MIDI IN: MIDI jacks for connecting a MIDI source and for putting the MIDI signal through the DRM1 Mk III · POWER IN: Power jack with integrated fuse"

Roland Jupiter-4

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This is an excellent analog synth. It is one of the first polyphonic synths and has a similar sound to the Roland System 100 and SH series synths. It has most of the features you would expect of a polyphonic analog synthesizer but its SOUND quality is terrific. Fat Sound - unison mode allows stacking of 4 voices per key and sounds huge ! Pitch wheel assignable to VCA, VCF, VCO or all together & slow LFO for loooong filter sweeps. Ensemble (chorus) circuit and sweet analog filter makes this unit sound really warm. User programmable - you can write your own sounds to memory. Cool arpeggiator w/ random mode (as heard in the Duran Duran classic "Rio")."

KORG MS-10 Vintage Analog Monosynth

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