Saturday, December 31, 2011

Arturia Origin Desktop Synth

via this auction "In short, this is a semi-modular synth, in which Arturia have put in different modules, mainly from classic synths, which can be patched together to create your own instruments. For example, they have all the modules of a MiniMoog, Yamaha CS80, Arp 2600, Prohet Vs and Roland Jupiter 8 (plus Origin own modules, and new ones being added all the time to the updates). These can be patched together in different combinations to form whole new instruments. You can have a Minimoog Osc and a J8 Osc going into a Arp 2600 filter patched into a Cs80 envelope into a .....etc This is just scratching the surface though. There are quick access templates, such as the Jupiter 8 one in the above photo, and 999 preset slots. Plus a computer software to store all the presets you can't fit on there. Its also possible to route audio into the synth and process through the filters..etc It has a step sequencer and a load of FX plus a great multi mode and Joystick."

Superduper Supernova Synthesizer by Novation

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ARP Odyssey MKI blackface

via this auction "it is a late MKI blackface (it had no CV control, and no PPC pitch bend). It has the old A1, B1 and C1 boards."

Yamaha Motif ES6 Music Production Synthesizer

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Korg Microkorg Synthesizer

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