Friday, December 16, 2011

Akai MPC 2500 sampler/sequencer

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"(JJOS 3.09, 80GB HD, 128MB RAM)"

Akai MPC-4000 sampler/sequencer

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"(OS version 1.71 / 512 MB / CD/RW / EB4JS multi FX board / 42GB HDD)"

Yamaha QY100 Workstation Sequencer

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Vintage Roland Juno 106 Synth

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Circuit Bent Modified Speak & Spell

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"Benstruments, circuit bent Texas Instruments Speak & Spell.

Works as a normal Speak & Spell until you flip a glitch switch.

Ive added these new controls:

Opto-Theremin Pitch Control with on/off switch

Pitch control knob that slows it to 8 bit sputtering and super fast high chattering.

Tone oscillator button that creates a tone you can then manipulate with the pitch controls like a theremin

1/4" output jack that shuts off the onboard speaker when you plug into an amp or pa system

Strobing blue LED for effect

Active matrix glitch switch that causes glitching with each push of the membrane

Loop switch with on/off and advance button for cool beat loops

Reset switch to get it back to normal

Glitch forever switch that sets the speak into constant gibbering of incoherent sentences

Dual voice glitch switch that causes it to speak in both a high pitch and low pitch at the same time

Ive added all the coolest mods you can find on these sweet robotic bent synthesizers..."

Access Virus Snow Synth Module

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Yamaha CS15 Vintage Analogue Synthesiser

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Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer Drum Machine

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SN BB48663

See the seller's other items for more.

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth with Original Box

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RARE Nord Modular Synthesizer

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