Monday, November 14, 2011

Moog MiniMoog vintage synthesizer

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SN 13077

MeeBlip The Hackable Digital Synth

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"The MeeBlip is a hackable and affordable digital synthesizer, made for accessible sound and hands-on control. It can be someone's first synth; a unique-sounding addition to your music setup, playable with MIDI hardware and software; a synth you open up and modify, learning about sound creation, code and electronics and also the basis of new projects and ideas.

Out of the box, here is a monophonic virtual analog synth with 8 user-definable knobs and 16 slide switches, for hands-on control with the immediacy of a classic monosynth. You can use it as-is or use the source code to remap controls or completely redefine the instrument's architecture.

The MeeBlip's story doesn't end when you get it. It's built to be a community synth. The MeeBlip will be supported by Create Digital Music and the Noisepages community to help get you started with ideas for how to use, play and modify it.

By making use of affordable and easy-to-obtain parts, the MeeBlip is tailored to be both functional and easily hackable. Reflex Audio are not using hard-to-source parts that could interfere with modifying the design or building your own hardware. They also selected a design to make the MeeBlip musically useful.
Power: 9V DC power connection
Synthesis: Monophonic virtual analog synth
Oscillators: Dual digital oscillators
Filters: 4-pole active low-pass antialising filter
Inputs: MIDI input
Outputs: Dual 8bit weighted DAC audio output
Controls: 16 x software-defined parameter switches, 8 x user-definable knobs
Weight: 430g (including power supply)"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Vintage Analog Synth

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SN 4157

Some pics of the inside below.

Korg Mono Poly synthesizer

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Doepfer Dark Energy Analog Synthesizer

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"Dark Energy is a monophonic stand-alone synthesizer with USB and Midi interface. The sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog, only the USB/Midi interface contains digital components. Dark Energy is built into a rugged black metal case with wooden side plates. High quality potentiometers with metal shafts are used and each potentiometer is fixed to the case (no wobbly shafts and knobs). The distance between the controls is a bit wider compared to A-100 modules and knobs with vintage look are used."

Moog Realistic MG-1

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Roland PG 200

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SN ZF78411