Monday, October 24, 2011

Studio Electronics ATC-X Quad Filter Analog Mono Synth

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"This unit features 4 different filter types: Classic Minimoog, Oberheim, TB-303, and ARP 2600. Unlike the original ATC-1, these filters are included on mounted circuit boards and not on cartridges. They don't call it the "Analog Tone Chameleon" for nothing!"

Moog Moogerfooger MURF

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"The Moog MF-105 Moogerfooger MURF Analog Guitar Effect is the antidote to generic, boring effects. MURF stands for Multiple Resonance Filter Array, and the Moogerfooger MURF has 8 filters, each controlled by its own slider. The filters can be animated in up to 24 preset patterns.

The rate of the patterns can be set by a knob, expression pedal, or plug a footswitch into the tap tempo input to match the rate to the tempo of your song. Rhythmic variations can be created by adjusting the levels of the filters.

The Envelope control sets the shape of the modulation, which can be set for percolating techno rhythm or shimmering timbral morphing. Other controls on the Moog MF-105 Moogerfooger MURF include Input Drive, Output Level, and Wet/Dry Mix. Accepts any line- or instrument-level signal."

Dave Smith Mopho Instruments Keyboard

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SN 00249

Elektron MonoMachine SFX60 MKII with Original Box & Packaging

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"Monomachine SFX60 MKII - a synthesizer with multiple identities. Five different types of specialized synthesis methods make up the core of this deep and versatile machine. Try out the SID-chip emulation, feel the strength of the SuperWave basslines or create beat box style drum patterns. This machine can even talk!

The six available tracks can be loaded with any of the featured synthesis methods. The three LFO's, an adjustable filter, a delay and an advanced arpeggiator per track will guarantee wild synthesis action. It is almost scary.

The sounds and melodies hidden inside of you will not be hindered by any confusing menus as every necessary parameter is close at hand. The Monomachine SFX60 MKII is a direct link to the right side of your brain.

As this wasn’t enough, the SFX60 MKII is able to host customized waveforms. That’s right. Create your own wavetables and discover a new world of sound shaping possibilities.

Man machine magic!"

Moog Polymoog Synthesizer

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SN 3938

Oberheim Matrix 6R Rackmount Synthesizer

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Serge Modular Music Synthesizer

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"This auction is for a TKB, 6 M-Class Modules as follows: a Triple OSC and Quad Slop, a Wave Processor and Mayhem, a Multi Filter and Stereo Mixer, which are housed in 3 M-Boats along with a PS6A. I will also be including hundreds of banana cables as well as a few extra bonus goodies!

These were built by STS in Q1 2010..."

Korg Poly 800 Analog Synthesizer

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access virus ti keyboard synth

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Vintage Analog Moog Source

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"Included with the unit is a brand new reproduction of the membrane switch panel... The part is a re-manufactured direct replacement by Technology Transplants"

Moog Prodigy with Manual

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Tama Techstar TS-306 with 6 Tama TS-100 Drum Heads

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"Tama Techstar TS-306 has trigger inputs so you can drive it with the outputs of another drum machine, DAW outputs, or drumpads/triggers. Unique analog sounds that can be edited on the fly. Parameters include:

Tone/Noise mix

The individual drum synthesizers on this module include 4 toms, 1 "Synth" and 1 hand clap. There are individual pad inputs, separate trigger inputs and individual outputs for each sound along with stereo and mono mix outputs. There is also stereo line in sockets for mixing in an external signal"

Korg Rhythm 55 - Vintage Analog Drum Box

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Arturia SPARK with Original Box

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Roland Juno-60

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SN 319120

Moog Slim Phatty Analog Tabletop Synthesizer in Original Box

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