Sunday, October 23, 2011

Korg Prophecy Synth

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Arp Odyssey MK II 2811

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Yamaha QY100 Sequencer / Synthesizer / Effects box

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"Combines a high-quality XG synthesizer, a multi-effects processor, and a sophisticated sequencer in one portable package.

A SmartMedia card slot lets you store and transfer hundreds of SMF files and QY format sequences.

XG/GM tone generator with 547 voices. 22 drum kits. A/D input for a mic or guitar. 23 editable multi-effects including amp simulation, delay, modulation, and reverb.

Easy-to-use sequencer with 16 linear tracks and 8 pattern tracks. Versatile music-style database of over 4,000 instrument and drum phrases.

Uses 6 AA alkaline batteries or an AC adapter (optional)."


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"Sampling can be carried out using 3 different inputs: an internal mic, an external mic input, or the external line input. The internal sounds and samples ca also be triggered using the front ‘hit pads’ of which there are 8 in total to assign different sounds to. It also features envelope control (ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, RELEASE) and modulation effects to really twist your sounds and samples if required.

It also has external audio output for recording / live usage, a master tune pot and can run on external mains power (you will simply need a standard multi adapter, set to run at 7.5 volts, middle negative polarity… OR it can run on AA batteries."

Access Virus TI Desktop Synthesizer ver 4.5.3

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