Friday, September 16, 2011

QUASIMIDI RAVE-O-LUTION 309 drum machine

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NOVATION NOVA Analog Modelling Synth

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"- Polyphony - 12 voices (expandable to 24, 36 and 48)

- Oscillators - 3 osc per voice (saw and variable pulse width) plus noise

- LFO - 2 LFOs: saw, tri square sample/hold

- Filter - Resonant Low-pass, Hi-pass, band-pass; 12, 18 and 24 dB/Oct slopes and overdrive

- Envelopes - 1 ADSR for the amp, 2 DADSRs

- Step sequencer

- Effects - Distortion, comb filtering, EQ, reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, panning, 40-band vocoder

- Keyboard - Keyboard model: 49 or 61 notes- Memory - 256 programs, 128 performances

- 6 part multitimbral"

Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

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Yamaha CS-01 Analog Monosynth +breath control

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Reflex Audio/Create Digital Music Meeblip

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"Out of the box, here is a monophonic virtual analog synth with 8 user-definable knobs and 16 slide switches, for hands-on control with the immediacy of a classic monosynth. You can use it as-is or use the source code to remap controls or completely redefine the instrument's architecture.

Power: 9V DC power connection
Synthesis: Monophonic virtual analog synth
Oscillators: Dual digital oscillators
Filters: 4-pole active low-pass antialising filter
Inputs: MIDI input
Outputs: Dual 8bit weighted DAC audio output
Controls: 16 x software-defined parameter switches, 8 x user-definable knobs
Weight: 430g (including power supply) "

Korg Poly-61 Programmable Synthesizer

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Alesis Ion Synthesizer

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