Monday, September 05, 2011

Clavia Nord Micro Modular Modular Synthesizer

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"The innovative and flexible architecture of the Nord Modular allows for extensive sound sculpturing. How about a 5-oscillator-per-note synthesizer with 5 LFO’s, two resonant 24 dB/oct low-pass filters with separate envelopes or maybe a fat string sound with 14 oscillators – in stereo. Move your body to a mega fat bass sequence built up with 4 oscillators and a distorted classic analog lowpass filter in combination with a note sequencer module. Or, why not a classic 6 operator FM patch for that “electric” piano sound or a 24 sine wave oscillator patch for additive synthesis.
All your patches can be stored in the Nord Modular synthesizer and recalled later on – also without a computer connected! Stereo analog inputs open up for extensive sound processing possibilities. 16-band vocoding, anyone? Nord Modular has it all. Your imagination is only the beginning...

Many of the sounds from the nord lead 2's sound library have been brought over to the free patches from clavia.

In addition to the advertised vocoder - there are some cool compression/distortion effects used by many guitar players."


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"The VL-1 was the first instrument of Casio's VL-Tone product line, and is sometimes referred to as the VL-Tone. It combined a calculator, synthesizer, and sequencer. Released in 1980 and selling for around $150, the VL-1 is notable for its kitsch value among electronic musicians, due to its uniquely low-fidelity sounds."

Nord Lead Rack

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Roland MC-4 Microcomposer

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MAM MB33 Mk1 (TB303 clone) with Original Box

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"You are looking at a MAM MB33 (MK1) synth module purchased brand new circa 2003. Anyone who knows about the MB33 will know that it's a great monophonic synth module for creating great analogue bass sounds and put through effects, creates even better sounding thumping basses."

Korg - minikorg 700 vintage analog synthesizer

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