Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dave Smith Instruments DSI Evolver Desktop Synthesizer

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Korg EX800 synth module

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"This is the sound module version of the Poly800. More desirable and rarer than the Poly800... All the button contacts have been refurbished and work great. The factory sound banks have been reloaded also..."

Vintage Roland RS-09 String Synth

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"Very lush sounding string machine which sounds amazing with some reverb and a phaser. Give that true vintage string sound found on many recordings. Much like an Arp Solina but this one you can carry with you! Perfect for live use

Main volume
Vibrato with Delay/Rate/Depth sliders
2 positioin transpose
4 draw bar organ
Organ on/off
Organ tone 1 and 2
Ensemble effect
2 x String sounds
String attack
Envelope release
Envelope mode
Ensemble on/off
Stereo outputs
Audio in
Pedal control"

Moog Minimoog Voyager Synth

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Serial #: 1747

MFB Synth lite II Analogue synth filter

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"MFB Berlin Analogue synth/filter, very big sound in a little box, 303 sounding and more, perfect addition to a laptop to turn a tinny sound into a huge squelchy synth with amazing analogue filters. Small and compact, comes with power pack and manual."

Studio Electronics SE1 Analog Synth

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