Friday, March 25, 2011

MFB Kraftzwerg Semi Modular Boutique Synth

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37 patch connectors
integrated MIDI/CV-interface
'MFB Kraftzwerg' is the semi-modular version of MFB's 'Synth-II'. It trades off memory locations and MIDI-control for 37 patch connectors which allow breaking and modifying of the internal routing. Put single Kraftzwerg components under analog sequencer control or let the whole unit interact with your existing modular synthesizer system. 'Kraftzwerg' works as a stand-alone synthesizer without the need to patch any cable. The classic formation of VCO-VCF-VCA is pre-wired internally, complete with essential modulations. Therefore, you can play the Kraftzwerg just like any other synthesizer using its MIDI-input. In addition, it may integrate into a full analog environment using control voltages and benefit, unlike MIDI, from infinite continuous parameter resolution. 'MFB Kraftzwerg' offers a complete set for powerful and versatile synthesis: three VCOs with hard-sync, 24-dB-lowpass-filter with resonance, noise generator, ring-modulator, two envelope-generators, two LFOs and VCA. Technically and soundwise 'MFB Kraftzwerg' is identical to MFB's euro-rack-modules."

Doepfer MS-404

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MFBerlin Synth Lite 2

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Roland Juno-106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Korg EX-8000

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"classic string synthesizer with bass / synth section"

Suzuki OmniChord System Two OM-84 Vintage Synthesizer

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84 Chord combinations- with a touch of a button accompany yourself in any key

Sonicstrings strumplate- a unique electronically charged area that plays 4 octaves of your selected chord when touched

Percussion section-select up to 10 different drum rhythms that automatically play with your selected chord. Also choose the tempo and volume to give each song just the right effect.

Walking bass line-with a touch of a button, lay down a walking bass line that produces the correct bass pattern.

Sonicstrings tone controls- strum your OmniChord just like a guitar, but you control the tone as well.

Full function programmable memory-OmniChord will memorize all the chords, drums and bass of your song for one finger playback.

Melody- Omnichord has no keyboard, but you can play the melody to any of your favorite songs.

Big Band Sound- OmniChord has its own self contained speaker and amplifier for beautiful sound reproduction. Its powerful microprocessor is capable of many different functions and never has so much musical excitement been available in such a small portable package!"