Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roland Fantom X8 Keyboard/Synthesizer

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Marion MSR-2 Designed by Tom Oberheim

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Roland/ SH-101 synthesizer with grip

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Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer

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Yamaha DX100 FM Synthesizer

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Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition

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-1799 precision oscillator circuit. provides extremely stable pitch control, with an off switch for keyboard power-on
- 8-point CHAOTIC phono jack patchbay
- 12 on/off bend toggles
- 2 on/off/on toggles (4 bends total)
- 1/4" audio out jack
- hard reset switch
- all bend toggles on custom-cut wood-grain salvage plastic from a singing Billy Bass
- painted keys, two shades of brown

Roland MC-202 Analog Synth and Sequencer

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"This is essentially an SH-101, minus the noise source and performance controls, but with a nice two channel analog sequencer added. This sequencer does take a bit of investment to get the flow but it is inspired by the MC-4 and has many of the same compositional nuances which make the MC-4 so lovely to use. It of course has solid, solid timing characteristics."

Jomox Airbase 99 Drum Machine

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"For those who don't know, this is all of the meaty analog drum goodness behind the Xbase drum machines from Jomox. There is a -ton- of MIDI control over the drum sounds, with many parameters to tweak for each sound. It works really well as an extension to another drum machine and also works great with a DAW.

I/O wise, there are individual outs for each of the ten drum sounds as well as mix outputs, as well as MIDI in, out and thru."

Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara-320 Synthesizer Processor

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"Basic Configuration
* four processors installed on the motherboard
* 12 expansion slots
* I/O and external sync (see below)
* Travel Case (see picture)

Inputs and Outputs
* 4 channels (upgradable to 8)
* 32-100 kHz sample rate
* 24-bit
* Balanced Analog and Digital (AES/EBU)
External Synchronization
* Word Clock input
* VITC & LTC Timecode input and output"

Nord Wave Synthesizer

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"49 key, Nord Wave Synth. Loaded with V 2.02 software.

By having two oscillators capable of producing a vast array of sounds from classic analog waveforms (with sync), FM synthesis, wavetables, sampled waves (single cycle waveforms with attack) as well as noise and other miscellaneous waveforms, the Nord Wave has an unprecedented pallet of sounds for you to use as foundation.

Need a rich and full string quartet? No problem, just call up a string sample. Want a highly resonant screaming lead? Sure; virtual analog is there, but why not combine them, not just mix them together? With the Wave, you can create an analog lead with the harmonic content of the sampled string quartet!

With oscillator modulation you can transfer the character of one sound to the other - for instance, a sampled string to an analog square. By controlling the amount of modulation the effect can range from very subtle to extremely aggressive, so that the original waveforms are no longer recognizable.

Within moments you will experience sounds never heard before, sounds that will function as a great source of inspiration and lift the joy of playing and sound design to new levels.

The sound of a resonant filter with a 24 dB slope applied to a sampled sound brings it so much to life that some times this is all you need, but there are many other parameters available to affect your samples. All elements of an analog synthesizer can be incorporated: amplifier and modulation envelopes, LFOs, filters, and effects.

Some convenient sample modifications are also available. By using alternative start points, you can skip the attack portion of the sample and only use the body of the sound for e.g. modulation purposes."


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"The JV-880 is a 1U rack version of the Roland JV-80 keyboard. It has an expansion slot and can be expanded with the Roland SR-JV80 series of expansion boards.provides the same high quality sounds for which the entire JV line has come to be respected. 28 note polyphony and 16 part multi timbral. 192 patches."

Jomox MBase 01 Analog Drum Synthesizer

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"The Korg Poly-61 is a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. It was the successor of the classic Korg Polysix. It has 2 oscillators per voice and digital parameter access - like the Poly-800, which came later. The Poly-61 has DCO's and analog 12 dB/okt. filters for every voice (unlike the Poly-800, which has a single 24 dB filter for all voices). DCO 1 has PWM. There is only one ADSR envelope for VCF and VCA.

It also has CHORD MEMORY and an ARPGEGGIATOR - the same as featured on the Polysix."


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"• Great range of analogue sounds.
• Direct control of every patch parameter via MIDI controllers. [see this - almost done]
• CV/Gate interface includes Oct/Volt and Hz/Volt as standard.
• External input to the (excellent) filter.
• Still only 40 user memories.

A stunningly powerful monophonic analogue synthesizer, now complemented by a built-in CV/Gate interface and an external input. If you want to get the beat going and inject some life into the heart of your music, you need a Pulse."


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Oberheim OB-SX

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Alesis A6 Andromeda

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Roland JP8080 Synth Module

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