Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roland SDE-330 space delay

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Roland R-8M rackmount drum machine

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Kurzweil PC88 MIDI keyboard

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Roland D-50 linear synthesizer

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Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard

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Alesis A6 Andromeda 16 voice Analog Synthesizer

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Roland TB303 with Original Case

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Use Audio Plugiator

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"This is fully expanded Plugiator with all the current plugins installed. Including the 4 optional ones. These are:

The Minimax
MiniMax is the highly acclaimed replica of the famous legend. Incredibly fat and responsive sound, intuitive control... tweaking its knobs is pure fun, a real performance synth!

The Lightwave
While the oscillators of the LightWave are based on wavetables, the aftermath is virtual analog - giving you wide control of the sound. From complex pads to powerful leads, LightWave offers a vast range of sonic possibilities.

The B4000
The B4000 turns your keyboard into the Queen of Organs. The genuine sound of a real living electromechanical 400 pound monster. Lively, authentic, emotional...

The Vocodizer
That's what the microphone input of the Plugiator is for :) Plug in your microphone and modulate sounds with our voice ...

The Prodyssey
The Prodyssey is modelled after the historic counterpart and rival of the Minimax. Featuring a distinctively different character, more control possibilities and an amazingly intuitive interface, the Prodyssey is still as exciting today as it was "in the days"...

The Pro-12
The first polyphonic and programmable synth to become popular also became an instant legend. The Pro-12 has all of its smooth analog sound and plenty of presets which were heard everywhere throughout the 80's...

The FMagia
A new synth creation and a journey into great sounding FM synthesis. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, sound design for FM is more fun than ever before.

The Drums'n'Bass
An amazingly fat and punchy analog drum machine along with a great bass section - turns your Plugiator into a super groovy beat box!"

Clavia Nord Lead Synthesizer

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