Monday, January 31, 2011


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"Star Instruments Synare 3 Drum Pad Synth. Serial # 100X4 (can't read the # where the X is), from the 70s or 80s."

Korg EX-800 Desktop Poly-800 Vintage Synthesizer

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Yamaha DX-200 Loop Factory Synth

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Dave Smith Instrument TETRA4

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Serial #1368
* 4 Assignable Parameters
* USB to connect with your computer
* MIDI In, Out & Poly Chain Out
* Four outputs for the 4 Assignable Parameters
* Manual included

1970's Crumar Orchestrator

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"Vintage mid-1970's Crumar Orchestrator analog synthesizer in Good Condition. Serial Number: 949 Made in Italy. Comes with the lid and two orginal pedals; Swell pedal and Brass Filter pedal."

Yamaha RX-21L - Latin version of the RX-21

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"16 Sounds:
Bongo Hi, Bongo Lo, Timbale Hi, Timbale Lo, Agogo Hi, Agogo Lo, Conga Hi (mute), Conga Hi (open), Conga Lo, Cuica Hi, Cuica Lo, Whistle 1, Whistle 2, Claves, Cowbell, Tambourine.
50 Pattern Memory
Midi In, Midi Out, Casette in/out"

Yamaha RX-15 Vintage Drum Machine

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"It has these sounds: snare, rimshot, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, bass, hi hat open, hi hat closed, ride, crash, shaker/cowbell, and claps.

It has these jacks in the back: Midi in, Midi out, foot switch in, cassette in, cassette out, phones out, L and R Main output."

Alesis Ion Synthesizer

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Korg MS-20 Synthesizer

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Korg Kaossilator

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"Drum sounds, synth pads, guitar sims, basslines, sound effects and all sorts of crazy cool noises at your fingertips, headphone and RCA output connections. Integrates easily into any setup or sounds great on its own. Create deeply layered tracks with no other instruments, or just use it as an auxiliary component to your synth/turntable/cdj/whatever rig."

doepfer modular synthesizer

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"A 106-6 multi-filter £145
A 110 x3 oscillator £137 x3
A 114 duel ring modulator £68
A 116 VC waveform processor £59
A 120 VC low pass filter £88
A 131 expo VC amp £63
A 140 ADSR generator £63
A 145 x2 LFO with reset £59 x2
A 162 duel trigger delay £53
A 180 x2 multiple jack £29 x2
A 190-2 midi to CV £88
a 100 LC6 6U frame £233"


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