Thursday, December 30, 2010


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E-MU E4XT Ultra Sampler

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Ensoniq EPS-16+ Rack Synth/Sampler SCSI 8 Outs

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Akai S6000 v2 Audio Synthesizer Sampler

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" Akai S6000 professional Sampler 128 Voice Polyphony!!!
Maxed RAM 128mb Ram installed
Vox64 Board installed! Max out Voices (64 stock and 64 expansion board installed.,,128 total installed)
EB20 FX board installed
IB-S508P board installed! Maxed out Channels (Total of 16 Analog Channels
Keyboard for writing programs
· Powercord
· Iomega SCSI Jaz Drive with 4 1gb Disks and SCSI Cable 4gb all together) w/power supply"

Stylophone Pocket Synth Organ

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Reposting as I had the link wrong.
"The Stylophone is a miniature stylus operated synthesizer invented in 1967 and used by such iconic musicians as David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Erasure and Marilyn Manson. It features a metal keyboard played by touching it with a stylus. That's right, over four decades ago with computers the size of a gymnasium and nary a PDA in sight the Stylophone was a portable electronic music instrument with stylus based control.

This exact recreation of the original sounds the same as it did in the 60s. Simply remove the pen and tap any key for classic synth sounds. There is a switch to add vibrato and you can choose from one of three different retro organ type sounds. The tuning knob on the bottom allows for some pitch-bend effects if you must. The Stylophone is one of the simplest electronic instruments you will find, but it's minimal style is a big part of its charm."