Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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Vintage Emu SP 12 12-bit Drum Machine

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Sampler/Drum machine with sequencer
8 velocity sensitive pads, 8 control sliders
8 voice polyphonic (8 outputs)
12-bit, 27500 KHz sampling
Standard with 1.2 sec (48Kb), Turbo with 5 sec (192Kb)
100 Patterns
100 Songs
Manufactured 1985-1987
24 internal drum samples, 8 user samples
dynamic analog filter on output channels 1,2 (SSM2044 ship)
-this is a 4-pole time-varying low pass filter

Edit samples using truncate and decay/detune

What you get:
1 - EMU SP-12
1 - Commodore 5" floppy drive
1 - Original Owner's Manual
50- Floppy disks with various sounds
1 - Midi Cable
1 - ? Cable that goes from SP-12 to Floppy
1 - Power Cable for Floppy
1 - Power Cable for SP-12"

Doepfer A-100 Analogue Synthesiser

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"A-110 Standard VCO (two)
A-114 Dual Ring Modulator
A-115 Audio Divider
A-116 Voltage Controlled Waveform Processor
A-138 Mixer (two)
A-120 Low Pass Filter
A-121 Multimode Filter
A-130 Linear VCA
A-131 Exp. VCA
A-118 Noise Generator + Random Voltage Generator
A-148 Dula Sample & Hold
A-145 LFO (two)
A-160 Clock Divider
A-161 Clock Sequencer
A-180 Multiples
A-170 Dual Slew Limiter
A-150 Dual VCS
A-162 Dual Trigger Delay
A-140 ADSR (two)
(check for detail of what these modules can do)"

Monome 128 Grayscale

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