Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Access Virus TI Snow

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Doepfer Dark Energy

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Vintage Roland JX-3P Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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* Built-in sequencer
* 61 full-size keys
* Analog oscillators and sounds with digital stability and control
* 6 voice polyphony
* 2 DCO's per voice
* 32 presets and 32 user patches
* Pitch bend wheel with modulation up
* Built-in stereo chorus effect

Has MIDI In, Out, and Thru, and a trigger in to set the sequencer tempo. The excellent built in chorus makes it sounds similar to the Roland Juno-60, Roland Juno-106, or the Korg Polysix, but for half the price. The string sounds on this thing are amazing! Also has great bass, piano, and organ patches as well."

Korg DW 8000

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