Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blue ROLAND SH-101

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x0x source x0xb0x

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"The x0xb0x is the most faithful replica of the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It uses the same components, in the same schematic, to match its sound — perfectly.

The x0xb0x blueprints are the work of a couple of MIT students (now graduates) who set out to recreate the TB-303 as closely as possible.

'An original TB-303 was disassembled and reverse-engineered to verify the schematic. The original transistors were analysed using big expensive curve-tracers to determine their characteristics. We measured every waveform and counted every cycle.'

x0xb0x creators

The x0xb0x copies not only all of the electrical interconnections inside a TB-303, but incorporates the old, rare analog components, such as 2SC2291 matched-pair transistors and AN6562 op-amps. Consequently, it has earned the reputation of having the most faithful sound of all 303 clones. The difference in sound between a well-made x0xb0x and a TB-303 is about the same as the difference between one TB-303 and another."

MOOG PRODIGY Vintage Analog Synthesizer Model 336A

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"Vintage MOOG PRODIGY monophonic analog synthesizer, model number 336A, Serial Number 2917. From soaring leads to subsonic bass to electronic effects from another world, nothing sounds like this legendary Moog synthesizer."


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MFB Kraftzwerg analogue modular synthesizer

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RED Roland SH-101

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