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Moog 12 Stage MF-103 Phaser Pedal

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"With the MF-103 Phaser you can get swirling, shimmering, vibrating effects- Fill up a whole stage from one sound source and even create brand new sonic textures. This is easily the soupiest, sauciest and most versatile Phaser ever produced. The MF-103 is also a direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers and can be used with almost any instrument. It contains two compete modular functions: a 6 or 12-stage phaser with resonance control and wide range LFO with amount control. Adjustable parameters are Sweep frequency, Resonance, LFO Rate and LFO Amount. All can be controlled by the great feeling knobs that beg to be tweaked (can't just picture ripe old Bob doing this to your pedal?) as well as external expression pedals. Panel switches select range of LFO Rate and 6 or 12 stage phasing. 1/4 jacks are provided for audio input and outputs, pedal/control inputs, LFO out and auxiliary sweep input for bi-phase effects.

Moog MF-103 moogerfooger 6/12 Stage Phaser Features:

* Designed by Bob Moog
* 6- or 12-stage phaser circuit
* Wide-range LFO with adjustable sweep
* Use with instruments, samples, or recorded tracks
* Direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers
* Sweep frequency, resonance, LFO rate, and LFO control knobs
* Panel switches select range of LFO rate
* 1/4" audio inputs and outputs
* Pedal/control inputs
* LFO out
* Auxiliary sweep input for bi-phase effects
* Heavy-duty, smooth-acting bypass switch for tabletop or floor use
* Power supply included"

Roland PG-200 Programmer for JX-3P, MKS-30

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Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer

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"Here's a rare analog synth from Roland that was one of the first to have a MIDI interface. It's known for having great string sounds. 6 voice polyphony, 61 key synthesizer with sawtooth, 50 and 10% pulse waveforms, and a noise generator. It has 32 factory programs and user memory for 32 programs, and a 128-step, six-part built-in sequencer. Comes with the original owner's manual."

Roland V-Synth Variable Oscillator Synth/Sampler

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"Features: • Flagship 61-note synthesizer with multiple oscillator technologies, user sampling and new COSM filtering for incredibly dynamic new sounds • New variable oscillators based on analog modeling, user samples and over 300 PCM waveforms with up to 24-voice polyphony* • Independently manipulate the pitch, time and formant of sampled waveforms using VariPhrase™ technology—a world’s first in a synthesizer! • Intuitive touchscreen interface with over 20 knobs and sliders, plus revolutionary TimeTrip Pad and Twin D Beam • Powerful COSM filtering/ processing; separate reverb, chorus and MFX; plus programmable arpeggiator • USB port for .WAV/AIFF file import, .WAV export and simplified MIDI connections • 2 stereo Line outputs, stereo Mic/Line input and S/PDIF digital I/O "

Novation V-Station Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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Use Audio Plugiator Synthesizer with all 8 plug-ins

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"The Plugiator is an excitingly innovative table top synthesizer which utilizes the latest and fastest DSP technology to provide high-end plug-in technology within a most convenient portable form factor.

So far, hardware synth modules were fixed-architecture, basically providing one fixed sound engine and presets which cover the range of the given architecture. In contrast, the Plugiator can store up to eight DSP plug-ins featuring very different synthesis architectures – thus hugely expanding the sonic possibilities and sound spectrum!

And while sample players only play back recordings of different instruments, the Plugiator emulates and models the actual instruments themselves. Compared to samplers, that makes a big difference in sound: the sound is more lively, more intense and just more “genuine”! Also, most importantly, you can also access and tweak all sound parameters of the model for creating new sounds. Bottom line: The Plugiator plug-ins actually sound and behave like real hardware, not just recordings of it.

The Plugiator can store up to eight different DSP plug-ins and can load any one at a time at a push of a button. Each plug-in comes with 100 presets – allowing you to store up to 800 different sounds within that cute little box which the Plugiator is.

When connected to your computer via USB, the Plug-In Manager software (for Windows and OSX) lets you tweak each plug-in via its GUI and manage your presets which you want stored in the Plugiator box.

The Plugiator would not be a Use Audio product if the operating panel wasn’t equally inviting: Eight encoder knobs allow you to tweak major sound parameters while playing, and the ten “quick pads” let you quickly store and recall your favorite plug-in/preset combinations – just as you need it when you perform live.

Another unique innovation is the elegant integration of an online sound database – which allows you to listen to new user-uploaded presets with just one click of your mouse! Yes… No need to download and install sound banks: actually listen to new sounds from the internet instantly; it just does not get more convenient than that.

The Plugiator box provides MIDI In and Thru connections, USB, a microphone input, stereo line outs and a headphone output.

The Minimax
MiniMax is the highly acclaimed replica of the famous legend. Incredibly fat and responsive sound, intuitive control... tweaking its knobs is pure fun, a real performance synth!

The Lightwave
While the oscillators of the LightWave are based on wavetables, the aftermath is virtual analog - giving you wide control of the sound. From complex pads to powerful leads, LightWave offers a vast range of sonic possibilities.

The B4000
The B4000 turns your keyboard into the Queen of Organs. The genuine sound of a real living electromechanical 400 pound monster. Lively, authentic, emotional...

The Vocodizer
(free registration bonus)
That's what the microphone input of the Plugiator is for :) Plug in your microphone and modulate sounds with our voice ...

The Prodyssey (optional at 49 USD)
The Prodyssey is modeled after the historic counterpart and rival of the Minimax. Featuring a distinctively different character, more control possibilites and an amazingly intuitive interface, the Prodyssey is still as exciting today as it was "in the days"...

The Pro-12 (optional at 49 USD)
The first polyphonic and programmable synth to become popular also became an instant legend. The Pro-12 has all of its smooth analog sound and plenty of presets which were heard everywhere throughout the 80ies...

The FMagia (optional at 49 USD)
A new synth creation and a journey into great sounding FM synthesis. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, sound design for FM is more fun than ever before.

The Drums'n'Bass (optional at 49 USD)
Just released! An amazingly fat and punchy analog drum machine along with a great bass section - turns your Plugiator into a super groovy beat box!"

Realistic MG-1 / Moog Analog synth

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Vintage Moog Prodigy Synthesizer

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Roland Alpha Juno 2 Synth

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Casio SK-5

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"Can reverse, loop or tune your samples. 4 pads for playing samples and 4 additional pads with built in samples. Saves memory when turned off unlike the SK-1 which loses memory."

Casio Sk-1 Sampling Keyboard

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Yamaha CS1x Synthesizer

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YAMAHA TX81Z FM Tone Generator Synth Owner's Manual

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Jen SX1000 Analog Synth - Synthtone SX 1000

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